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t was Thursday morning, just two hours before a job interview and I was dressed in a sheet. Or maybe it was a large scarf. Who knows. I secured it hastily while furiously cleaning my room. Cranking the volume up on a "10 Tips to Ace Your Interview" podcast,

I desperately tried to avoid the obvious truth.

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As the job interview for “Clinical Research Coordinator at Johns Hopkins Hospital” drew near – I gave myself the pep talk: “We got this! You’ve invested time and money into these certifications…we’ve spent 3 months preparing for this interview. You got this!”

Yet, deep down inside I felt awful. Because subconsciously, I knew by pursuing this path, I was putting my immediate financial needs before my true calling. My truth was simple: I was a creative soul, and clinical research? Meh, I couldn't care less about it.

Why was I so uncomfortable with showing up to the job market as my true self? Well, simply put: I had low-self esteem because I had a non-traditional career journey.

ou see, losing my mom to alcoholism at 13 years old left me essentially orphaned in Baltimore City. Despite the challenges, I persevered, graduated college with honors and even gave a TEDx Talk at 19. But beneath all those achievements, I was still scared of getting stuck in Baltimore.

Seeking a better life, I took a leap of faith at 22 and accepted an invitation to teach English for 1 year at Ashesi University – Ghana, Africa’s first liberal arts college, which was seeking American teachers to help build their college culture. I had teaching experience as the coach of my college’s poetry slam team, which I founded. So I took the plunge and relocated to a developing country all on my own.

When the contract ended, I realized I had no compelling reason to return to Baltimore. Embracing the opportunity, I decided to try my luck in Africa, immersing myself in the Ghanaian culture. Along the way, I learned to adapt, launched a non-profit, started an export company, and successfully managed social media accounts for small businesses in Ghana, conquering seemingly insurmountable challenges.

After 6 years in Ghana, I realized the country had become my comfort zone, hindering my growth. Determined to broaden my horizons and advance my career, I chose to return to the United States in March 2023.

Watch my documentary!

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However, I faced another issue. Despite my accomplishments, I began to doubt the worth of my work experience as I hadn't fully appreciated its significance. Comparing myself to others on LinkedIn, I discovered my peers had earned 3-5 years of traditional work experience at reputable companies. In my mind, a menacing thought took hold: OMG…I’ve wasted my entire 20s! Determined to change course, I abandoned my narrative and focused solely on pursuing "lucrative" fields like clinical research. I charged ahead in the wrong direction, blinded by my urgency to survive. As I cleaned my room, it was the unmistakable knowing that I was on the wrong path that weighed heavily on me.

ut fortunately, you're not a clinical research recruiter, are you?

Thank goodness. And so, here we are today, with my application in your hands. I arrived at this point with the help of friends who made me realize I just needed to slow down. I took a break to reflect on my achievements, distill them, and give my true

passions another shot.

Some thought-provoking questions arose in the process: Was I destined to be a motivational speaker? A social media marketing manager? A non-profit director? Shouldn't I embrace my role as a poet, podcast producer, or brand manager? What did I genuinely want to pursue? Which path would provide me with sufficient financial stability? Eventually, I merged these diverse interests into an authentic portrayal of my craft: Digital Marketing Storyteller. My ideal position is: Creative Director for a mission-driven organization.

SkillS i hAVE


ToolS I usE

Skills I aspire to



Story Building: Core Message Identification, Rising Action, Climax, CTA (Call to Action) / Resolution

Pipdeck Story Building System

Intuitively knowing the right story to tell

and when.


Film Making




Podcast Production

Cinematography: Composition, Lighting, Camera Movement

Editing: Audio / Sound Design

Data Driven Buyer Persona Creation

Product Differentiation: Value Proposition Identification

KPI & Goal Identification

Pre-show: Research & Knowledge Gathering, Script Writing

Setup: Remote and Local, Post: Editing, Publishing

Davinci Resolve

Capcut / Descript

Iphone X / Shure MV7 Mic

Editing: Color Grading

Drone Operation


Google Analytics

Facebook Audience Insights

Instagram, YouTube, iTunes

Cohort Analysis: Grouping customers based on their shared behaviors and analyzing their collective trends over time

Adobe Photoshop RSS Feed, Analytics, Epidemic Sound

Iphone X / Shure MV7 Mic

Multi-Speaker Sound Setup: Audio Interface / Mixer







Social Media Strategy

Website Management

Email Marketing

Project Management

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Creative, Analytical and Visual Thinking

Content Creation: Pillar Content into Micro Content


Paid Ad Monitoring: A/B Testing

KPI & Goal Identification

Site Mapping

Visual Hierarchy


Cyclical Newsletter Planning

Email List Building: Lead Magnets, Contests and Giveaways

KPI & Goal Identification

Stakeholder Identification

Risk Anticipation & Management

Google Trends / Docs

Coschedule Headline Studio

Chat GTP

Metricool, Honeybook: Client Relationship Mgmt / Email flows

Instagram, Facebook Creator Studio

Canva Pro

Mailchimp, Malilerlite

Google Trends

Canva Pro


Google Sheets

Advanced AI Prompting

SEO Optimization


Platforms: TikTok, Twitch

influencer Marketing

SQL, Python


Figma / UX Design

AI Websites:

Hosting on Personal Server


PM Methodologies: Agile, Prince 2, PMBok etc.

Budget & Resource Mgmt etc.



Project Documentation & Reporting

Vision: Expansive perspective that inspires indvs. to take risks

Kind Candor: Honesty that helps indivs. grow, learn & improve

Ethical Decision Making Models

Self-Reflection & Feedback Mechanisms



Created a 200% increase in social media engagement as measured by likes and comments through creating engaging video and copy.

(GGG 2020-Present)

Developed 3 long-term partnerships, which led to $15,000 in sales

through leveraging Facebook lead generation. (Ghifted School, 2019-2022)

Helped keep 722 employees informed during COVID-19 by innovating a voice messaging system for our CEO to communicate with his teams. (Ecom Ghana, 2020).

Acquired 300 new Instagram subscribers in 1 week through a newsletter-text message campaign. (The Birthday Journal 2022)

Co-wrote Harvard trained leadership coach Shade Zahrai's first TEDx speech which resulted in over 1.5 million clicks on YouTube. (Care Consulting, 2022)

"Caira was an absolute delight to work with!

She was professional, responsive and has a remarkable way of making you feel very comfortable throughout the whole process.

And that's not even touching on her speechwriting abilities!

This writer is a master of her craft! "Very grateful to have come across her work, and even more grateful to have had her support in preparing this speech.

I highly recommend Caira if you're looking for someone to help you refine your ideas and convey them in a highly impactful and unforgettable way."

- Shade Zahrai

She really teaches

Extremely good English language skills. Able to help walk me through the process of structuring an essay, podcast, speech, poem, and much more. She even helped me with a cover letter that, I kid you not, got me an interview only 2 hours after I sent my application in.

- Nathaniel, 60 lessons with Caira

Now I am seeking to join an awesome team to continue growing my skills in these 4 areas:

1) Data Driven Audiovisual Storytelling 2) Tracking KPIs / Performance Analysis

3) Leadership 4) Project Management

Please call me at 404-579-2444 or email me at to further discuss how we might work together!

The End

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